How To: Assign a New Position to an Employee

To assign a new position to an employee, you need to end the employee’s current position assignment and create a new position assignment. This can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Go to Positions by employees report within the Jobs & Positions section of the Human Resources menu.
  2. Search for the employee to be transferred.
  3. Click the Add/Update button to the left of the person’s name.
  4. Insert a new record at the bottom of the report with the new position information and a relevant start date and click submit. (This will put the person into conflict as they currently have 2 active position assignments)
  5. In the old position assignment record, put an end date equal to the day before the start date on the new position assignment and click submit.
  6. Check that there is there is now no conflict and that the reporting structures have updated correctly.

By following these instructions and not just editing the current position assignment, a historical record of position assignments will be kept for each individual.

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