Why haven’t leave requests gone to payroll?

There are a number of reasons that leave requested may not have appeared within payroll and each needs to be checked separately.

  1. The workflow process that sends the leave request through to payroll is not yet complete. Check the workflow through your Workflow Outbox to check that the entire process has been completed.
  2. An error occurred when sending the transaction automatically to the payroll. To check this, click on the TxMonitor transaction log within the Audit section of the System Management menu. (If the transaction has been rejected or had an error, contact your support person or helpdesk)
  3. If the transaction is Pending, the cycle of passing transactions has not occurred yet. Check to see how often the systems are set to pass information.
  4. If you have your payroll run locally, have you run your API? You may need to manually run the API on your payroll server.
  5. The payroll administrator has not yet entered the leave (for those systems with no automatic transactions). To check this, got to the Leave workflow pending report within the Leave & Payroll section of the Human Resources menu.

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