Logging Support Issues

Accessing EConline Support

To provide an efficient and transparent system of both tracking and resolving client issues and enhancement requests, EmployeeConnect assigns a User Name and Password to the nominated client employees to enable them to access the EConline Client Support.

Receiving Your Login Details

If you have not yet been assigned a User Name and Password, you may send your question/problem/issue detailed in an email to support@employeeconnect.com. The subject of your email becomes the Issue title and your email body text becomes the issue detail. Attachments are also accepted via this submission method (It must be an attachment to the email NOT a print screen or similar pasted into the email body and less than 500Kb in size). Emails with attachments are processed every few hours only, therefore, if your issue is urgent, we recommend logging into EConline or contacting support in Sydney.

EConline Updates

EConline is being enhanced in response to additional Employeeconnect and User Group requests. New functionality will be announced via the Home page of EConline. To log an issue you may either send an email to support@employeeconnect.com which, for registered users, will create an issue for your company or, open your internet browser and go to www.employeeconnect.com.

Get detailed step by step with the EConline PDF Manual

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