Where are my Workflows?

Each user can track workflows that they have submitted by using their Workflow Outbox. This can be accessed from the main menu and gives a report of all workflows submitted and acted upon. To view where a workflow is at within the process, click on the ID on the left-hand side.

Each user may have a workflow that they are required to action and this is done through the Workflow Inbox that can be accessed from the main menu. To action a workflow, click the activity icon to the right of the ID. Once a workflow item has been actioned, it will no longer appear in the Workflow Inbox.

Administrators can check the status of all workflows by going to the Workflow supervisor report within the Audit section of the System Management menu.

Payroll personnel have specific workflow reports in the Payroll Audit section of the Human Resources Menu that displays all leave requests currently in a workflow. This is useful in identifying leave requests that may need to be followed up to ensure payment in the next payrun.

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