Why aren’t I receiving emails from EmployeeConnect?

If your users are not receiving their emails from the EmployeeConnect product, you should go through the following steps to check that all areas of the system have been configured correctly.

  1. Verify that the user is receiving emails from other senders
  2. Force a new email to be sent from EmployeeConnect HR
  3. If the email has not been received within 24 hours, request EmployeeConnect to check the mail server logs with the date and time and to and from address specified of the lost email
  4. The mail server logs will let EmployeeConnect know where the email got stuck
  5. If the mail server logs state it has been sent or the customer server has rejected the message, then this will be referred to the customer IT department
  6. If the mail server logs state that the EmployeeConnect server has the problem, then EmployeeConnect will investigate further

One of the most common reasons a customer mail server rejects EmployeeConnect HR messages is that it does not recognise info@employeeconnect.com as a valid email address. This is set as the default mail from address in the system. You can change this in the system settings area within System Management to something that your mail server can recognise. The setting to change is WorkflowEmailFrom.

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