Why can’t a user log in to EmployeeConnect?

There are many reasons a user may not be able to log in to EmployeeConnect. Please check the following by going to Profile administration within the System Management menu:

The user has an active profile

If you are in a shared bureau site, ensure that the username format is valid eg: it is the same as the email address or has the same prefix as all other users.

Ensure a password has been assigned, if a user has tried to log in unsuccessfully multiple times, the password may have been removed (this can be done by checking for Employees without passwords). If no password can be found, reset the password from the Profile administration report. An email will be sent to the users’ email address with instructions on how to log in and the temporary password that has been assigned – note that no email will be sent if an email address has not been entered in the work email field.

If, by checking all these items, the user still cannot log in, please log an issue through EConline.

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