Why do rejected leave requests show as complete?

When an individual submits a leave request, this shows up in the Leave Requested report with a status of Pending. Once the workflow process attached to the request has all the steps completed, the status will change to Complete. This is regardless of whether the request was rejected or approved. The status is just showing whether there are more steps still to be done (Pending) or there are no longer anymore steps to be done (Complete).

The request will always show within the Leave Requested report whether it was approved or not. If the request was approved and then processed by payroll, the leave record will then appear in the Leave Granted report. If the request was not approved and processed, the leave record will not appear within the Leave Granted report.

If at any time you are unclear about what has happened with a leave request, administrators can check the workflow supervisor report (found under the Audit section of the System Management menu). Regular users can check their workflow outbox (found on the Home and My details menus). By clicking on the instance id (to the left), a tree diagram will appear with the steps that were completed for the request.

In version 2.6 of the HR system, a change was made to the Leave requested report to show whether a leave request was approved or rejected. If you are on this version or later, the Leave requested report should no longer show a status of complete but the workflow outbox will.

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